Kratom Constipation

Practical Remedy In Dealing With Kratom Constipation 

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Just like any other herbal or drug medication Kratom has also few to little side effects and one of them is constipation. We all know that constipation pertains to a condition where in there is a difficult to empty the bowels and always associated with a hardened stool.

Kratom Constipation

Kratom constipation usually happens when there’s too much consumption or often intake of Kratom. For the reason that by nature Kratom is stimulating it activates the sympathetic nervous system of the body, as a result reduces the peristaltic movement of the intestine. In addition to this it slows down the elimination and formation stool and this would often result to constipation.

Good thing there are practical yet safe and effective ways to ease your condition, when you are experiencing Kratom constipation. Most common is to take more liquids. Water could really help. Normal passage time would take up from 12 to 72 hours. In medical stipulations, constipation is being defined as having three bowel movements or less in a week, whereas you will know you have severe constipation if in a week you will only have one bowel movement. If the bowel passage time is very slow, the food movement through the colon will also take time and this would result to over absorption of water.

More liquid intake mainly water can surely help in resolving the issue. In restoring a healthy bowel movement it is best to take water at least eight glasses every day. So if you are experiencing Kratom constipation drinking a lot of water could help ease your condition.

Another remedy is mineral oil. In preventing constipation mineral oil is a known remedy. However, note that even this is common and practical way it appears to be less effective when curing an active constipation. What mineral oil does is coating the stool to smoothen the progress of elimination. Also keep in mind that you should not use it before meal as it can actually disrupt the nutrient absorption. You can mix mineral oil to food like pudding couple of hours after meal or you can consume it alone. The dose of mineral oil depends on your body size, and the average is about 4 to 5 tbs in a day and this will take effect for about 8 hours.

Another best remedy, is take more fiber. In preventing Kratom constipation it is necessary to eat an adequate amount of fiber on your diet, this can be done by eating more vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. If you have active constipation, drinking prune juice is a good remedy to lessen the symptoms. This is actually a traditional remedy that is being used up until today.

Kratom is a wonderful herb and it is not harmful. It causes few mild side effects like constipation but no toxicities ever been reported. Also, kratom capsules for sale is often use as energizer and very effective for pain relief. Kratom’s effect compared to prescribed medication works in similar way only that it can be taken with no prescription and with no extreme risk. Pain sufferers consider it as nature’s gift.

In order to avoid unlikable side effects, it is best to keep on the safe side, start with small amount or dose of Kratom and slowly work your way up.

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